The Farm

Our farm is situated on the banks of the Restigouche River as it widens into the Bay of Chaleur. The rolling hay acreage and woodland has been the primary location of all agricultural operations for the MacCurdy farm since the arrival of our ancestors. Our ancestors arrived from the Isle of Arran, Scotland circa 1832 as a result of being forcibly cleared from their ancestral lands in Levincorrach, Kilmory Parish, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Scotland’s loss became Canada’s gain. For many years, as it was in the olden days, the land provided sustenance and resources for the MacCurdys.

Fast forward to my grandfather’s generation and the farm takes on a new look, a herd of dairy cattle, a big barn, and tractors in place of horse drawn implements and older buildings. In an interesting twist of fate, shipping fever took the lives of my grandfather’s newly purchased dairy herd, serendipitously resulting in the establishment of a beef herd that continues to this day. My father, Jimmy MacCurdy aka. The Boss, continues to soldier on through years of toil with the daily operations of the farm, allowing his sons the opportunity to someday carry the torch, which would be a multi-generational blessing. Without his amazing work ethic and love for the land, the farm would not be what it is today. MacCurdy Farm has and will always be a grass/grain fed beef farm first even through it’s diversification.

At this point in time, the MacCurdy boys, Justin and Jonathan, have developed a strong impetus to sustainably diversify the farm through grass/forage based farming models with the livestock and organic based models with the orchards, berry fields, and vegetable gardens. However, as with anything, change not only requires time and effort, but a willingness to learn from those that have travelled the farming paths before us and the practice of patience to change mindsets on the issues of food production through education and conversation. Our goal is to continually grow the farm so that we can provide a variety of seasonal food products for locavores and supporters of the grass fed and organic movements.

The farm, as we endearingly call it, and the farmland houses the oral histories and traditions of those who worked and stewarded the land before we did. As children, we often listened to miscellaneous stories of happenings on the farm that gave us a great deal of joy and amusement. My father often says, “If these walls could talk or If these trees could talk or If the soil could talk, what stories would be told, that haven’t been told.” The farm has always served as a place to deepen one’s connection to the land either by burrowing one’s hands into the rain moistened soil or softly caressing the corrugated bark of a massive tree or running one’s hands through the newly sprouted heads of timothy. Our approach has always been to responsibly steward what God has provided to us.

In today’s society, many of us have the tendency to overuse buzzwords and labels. On MacCurdy Farm we keep it simple. We are Christian grass based farmers who love eating healthy food.

MacCurdy Farm – Responsibly Stewarded, Naturally Balanced.


3 thoughts on “The Farm

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  2. Kelsey

    Hi, my name is Kelsey I live in East Bathurst, I am 18yo and I’m very interested in farming and about the Scottish history as I am Scottish. I’m currently taking a university course by correspondence about gardening, I seen your ad on kijiji about the roosters and I looked up the farm and I would like to offer you my help for a full day around the farm and so I could learn a little more about farming and how to run one successfully. I would love to visit the farm and help you guys out I am 5”11 and I can do hard work as I am use to it. I have my own chickens, quails and meat rabbits and volunteer at farms and SPCA… I just love to learn new things and take on challenges.

    Please contact me at (506) 543-3930 (my email is not working so I cant read my emails.) Thanks you so much.



    • Hi Kelsey. We would be interested to have you over to the farm. Farm outreach is a very important aspect of our farm operation. Education is key and we look forward to opportunities to share our love of animal husbandry and land stewardship with others. We will contact you in the near future about spending a couple hours with us on the farm so that you can walk away from our family run operation with an inspiration to do what we do. In the mean time, I suggest you research Joel Salatin on youtube and look into purchasing some of his books. He is the forefather of the grass-fed livestock movement and he will undoubtedly open your eyes to issues concerning the state of the farm in North America today.


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